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Victims of Stalking

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"Be Strong, Be Safe and Be Heard!"SM
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Victim Resources

Welcome to our victim resources page! 

Our goal is to provide easy access to the information and services victims need.  We are committed to assisting victims, as well as offering education, prevention and intervention training to promote awareness throughout the community.  All surveys and community assessments collected will be reviewed and forwarded to the National Center for Victims of Crime - Stalking Resource Center for statistical purposes. 

For additional assistance, please take a moment to look at a few of our suggestions in the Self-Help Guide below: 

Self-Help Guide
The resources listed here are extremely important to the well-being of all victims and survivors.  We suggest that you learn how to protect yourself, both physically and emotionally from the effects of stalking.  Learn how to empower yourself, and regain control of your life.  Most importantly, do what feels comfortable for you and stay safe.

Trust your instincts!

Disclaimer:  All of the resources listed are suggestions only, and should not be considered legal advise.  The use of any of these suggestions are completely voluntary.  Our suggestions are to provide victims with options towards physical and emotional recovery.  Feel Safe Again, Inc. is a non-profit organization, and does not receive any compensation for these suggested links.

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