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Victims of Stalking

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In Loving Memory

This special page was created to give family and friends of murdered Victims of Stalking a place to honor their memory. We have included our sister Sandy, as well as names of other victims that we have recognized over the years. If you would like us to include, remove, or edit a name from this memorial page, please send an e-mail to memorial@feelsafeagain.org

We are also offering prayer cards with your loved one's name, and a poem titled "Until The End Of Never" written by the founder of Feel Safe Again, Inc. Please go to our Online Store to place an order.

Sandra Berfield
March 15, 1967-January 20, 2000
Everett, Massachusetts

Clare Bernal
July 25, 1983-September 13, 2005
London, England

Amy Lynn Boyer
July 28, 1970-October 15, 1999 
Nashua, New Hampshire

Jill Dando
November 9, 1961-April 26, 1999
London, England

Dominique Dunne
November 23, 1959-November 4, 1982 
Los Angeles, California

Janice Marie Jones
March 5, 1952-April 8, 1985 
Riverbank, California

Peggy Klinke
December 2, 1971-January 18, 2003 
Turlock, California

Kristen Lardner
July 28, 1970-May 30, 1992
Boston, Massachusetts

Jodi Sanderholm
September 26, 1987-January 5, 2007 
Arkansas City, Kansas

Rebecca Schaeffer
November 6, 1967-July 18, 1989
Los Angeles, California

Heather Lynne Williamson
May 21, 1976-April 19, 1999
Isla Verde, Puerto Rico

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