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Safety for Stalking Victims:
How to Save Your Privacy, Your Sanity, and Your Life

By Lyn Bates

If you are being stalked, or if you are concerned about someone who is the target of this potentially very dangerous crime, safety should be at the top of your priority list. Being the target of an obsessed person is a frightening experience. But it isn't necessary to live in fear. Learning how to be safe is the key.

This book explains what stalking is, how to keep it from overwhelming your life, what is known about evaluating a stalker's potential to turn violent, and how to keep the situation from becoming worse, while being ready for anything. Using scenarios based on real stalking cases, this book overflows with detailed, practical strategies to put you in control of your life, and let you break the cycle of terror.

About the author:
Lyn Bates is a founder and vice president of the non-profit AWARE, an organization devoted to teaching women to protect themselves from stalking and lethal assault. An award-winning expert on anti-stalking defensive strategies, she has helped thousands of people to avoid potential dangers and, when necessary, protect themselves with defensive weapons from pepper spray to firearms.

How to Stop a Stalker
By Detective Mike Proctor

If you are a victim of a stalker or suspect that you might be, this book will give you the means not only to protect yourself, but ultimately to help put the stalker behind bars.  Veteran detective Mike Proctor, a long-time officer of the Westminster, California, Police Department, has written this essential survival guide for anyone who becomes the target of one of these predators.  This indispensable handbook will give stalking victims the means to protect themselves, and also to help put the stalker behind bars. It explains the who, what, where, why, and how of stalking and teaches victims what to do, from simple home security measures to actual prosecution. Many examples are taken from actual cases, and will be of great use to current or potential stalking victims, victim advocates, law enforcement officials, personnel departments, and employers.

About the author:
A recognized expert and pioneer in the investigation of stalkers, has over thirty years of law enforcement experience, during which he has worked and consulted on over 200 stalking cases, all of which have been successfully prosecuted.  He also conducts seminars for victim advocate groups, and evaluates grants.  Additionally, he has written for the Journal of California Law Enforcement and provides training seminars for colleges as well as law enforcement agencies on how to deal with the menace of stalking.  He has appeared on many national television shows like America's Most Wanted, 20/20, Court TV, Case Closed, & Unsolved Mysteries.

Unmasking the Cyberstalker
by Jeffrey C. Naylor

Cyberstalkers tend to be white males that are typically a professional of some type. Their preferred method of engagement is usually by E-mail, Internet Relay Chat (IRC), Internet Community Forums, and most recently via Blogs (using weblogs to mine for information or to spread derogatory information) which is still fairly new, and has not yet figured in the statistics, but it is becoming a choice mode of attack by cyberstalkers.

About the author:
Jeff Naylor is a former Special Agent with the United States Army Criminal Investigation Division (CID), and has also served as Vice President Cheney's Primary Security Officer.  As a Certified Instructor, he has provided lectures for universities, colleges, military agencies, law enforcement and community organizations. He is the owner of J. A. Naylor Investigative and Consulting Firm, which provides assistance for victims of  stalking and cyberstalking on a nation-wide basis.

How To Lose Anyone Anywhere
By Michael Scott

This manual was written to assist people in taking legal, adequate measures to insure their privacy, and obtaining freedom from individuals who may be disrupting their lives. It is primarily written to assist victims of stalking.

Topics include the mind of the stalker, examining his thinking, motives and tactics, basic countermeasures to assist one in bringing to an end this unwanted intrusion, and dealing with the hard core stalker.

About the author:
Michael Scott has been assisting victims of stalking since 1996, and was the author of the first publication (HOW TO LOSE ANYONE ANYWHERE) ever written on stalking measures.
His work has been reviewed by the Boston Globe as well as Ralph Thomas of Thomas Investigative Publications and he is considered one of the foremost experts on stalking countermeasures.  He has also been interviewed by Steven Wolf and appeared on the CRIME TALK RADIO SHOW.  Many news sources turn to Michael Scott for writing and researching articles related to the problem of stalking.

Toxic Attention: Keeping Safe from Stalkers, Abusers, and Intruders

By Dr. Sherry L. Meinberg

This book presents safety information in simple To-Do checklists so you can help keep yourself safe.  If you desire to improve your personal protection, but haven't a clue as to how to go about Keeping Safe from Stalkers, Abusers, and Intruders, this sensible, can-do approach can offer very useful information. Toxic Attention can be the most valuable tool in helping you to become responsible for your own safety.

About the author:
Sherry L. Meinberg, Ed.D. has the unfortunate distinction of being the person in the United States who has been stalked for the longest time: 40 years as of the writing of this book.

Surviving a Stalker
By Linden Gross

Most people believe that stalkers only target the rich and famous, not the average citizen. The truth is, stalking is one of the most prevalent yet overlooked forms of domestic violence in America today, with an estimated 1.4 million people nationwide stalked each year. And that figure does not even include the rising number of people being harassed on the Internet. Surviving a Stalker, the ultimate practical guidebook to surviving stalking, provides all the necessary tools you need to handle obsessive attention and to regain control of your life. Journalist and stalking expert Linden Gross offers a wealth of invaluable guidance, including: How to recognize and control those natural reactions that might put you at risk; How to handle inappropriate attention on- and off-line and break the stalking cycle; How to protect your privacy and safety as well as that of your loved ones. Gross explains how these dangerous obsessions begin, the patterns they take, and what potential victims can do before the nightmare becomes a reality. Through a multitude of case studies, medical and other professionals who deal with stalking will gain a clearer understanding of the crime, the toll it takes, and how to handle it. Surviving a Stalker will help all victims, as well as potential victims, keep themselves safe and be a vital resource for all professionals who counsel them.

How to be Invisible
By J. J. Luna

The subtitle of this book is: a step-by-step guide to protecting your assets, your identity, and your life, and it delivers on that promise. Though written primarily for people who want to protect their assets by keeping a very, very low public profile, this book has lots to offer stalking victims. It gives detailed information on how to establish a "ghost address" that is completely separate from where you actually live. Other topics include home deliveries, house calls, FedEx, UPS, untraceable trash, anonymous utilities, and using corporations to protect one's privacy. 

About the author:
J. J. Luna is the pseudonym of a highly trained and experienced security consultant

The Stalking of Kristen:
A Father Investigates the Murder of His Daughter

By George Lardner, Jr.

"This is Kristin's story. I'd give anything not to have written it." Kristin Lardner's father won a Pulitzer Prize for a series of Washington Post articles about this promising young art student who was killed by a jealous ex-boyfriend. In this expanded book version he makes the important point that Kristin did everything right. She was educated and sophisticated, and had the time and resources to make the law work for her. And she was a member of the class of people who believe the law when it promises to protect them. With a parent's rage, and an impressive command of the facts and statistics, George Lardner refutes the widespread belief that the courts offer effective protection to battered women who do report their abusers and press charges. The book includes photos of Kristin's artwork about abuse of women and 80 pages of footnotes and bibliography about the legal system. 

About the author:
George Lardner, Jr, is an investigative reporter for the Washington Post. The articles he wrote for the Post about the murder of his daughter, on which this book is based, were awarded a Pulitzer prize in 1993. He has also covered such stories as Watergate, Chappaquidick, the Kennedy assassinations, Iran-Contra, the Oklahoma City bombing, and the Unibomber case.

The Psychology of Stalking
Edited by J. Reid Meloy

The Psychology of Stalking is the first scholarly book on stalking ever published. Virtually every serious writer and researcher in this area of criminal psychopathology has contributed to this comprehensive resource. These chapters explore stalking from social, psychiatric, psychological, legal, and behavioral perspectives. New thinking and data are presented on threats, pursuit characteristics, psychiatric diagnoses, offender-victim typologies, cyberstalking, false victimization syndrome, erotomania, stalking and domestic violence, stalking of public figures, and many other aspects of stalking. This landmark text is of interest to both professionals and other thoughtful individuals who recognize the serious nature of this ominous social behavior at the end of the millennium. 

About the Author:
Dr. Reid Meloy is a diplomate in forensic psychology of the American Board of Professional Psychology. He was Chief of the Forensic Mental Health Division for San Diego County, and now devotes his time to a private civil and criminal forensic practice, research, writing, and teaching. He is an associate clinical professor University of San Diego School of Law. He is also a Fellow of the Society for Personality Assessment, and is currently President of the American Academy of Forensic Psychology. In 1992 he received the Distinguished Contribution to Psychology as a Profession Award from the California Psychological Association. Dr. Meloy has authored or co-authored over 100 papers published in peer-reviewed psychiatric and psychological journals, and has written or edited four books. He is a sought after speaker and psychological consultant on various civil and criminal cases throughout the United States, most recently the Madonna stalking case and the Polly Klaas murder case. In 1997, he completed work as the forensic psychologist for the prosecution in United States vs. Timothy McVeigh and the United States vs. Terry Nichols.

Stalkers and Their Victims
by Paul E. Mullen, Michele Pathe, and Rosemary Purcell

Discusses stalking as an issue of public, legal, and scientific concern, impact on victims, association of stalking with physical and sexual assault, international anti-stalking laws, support and practical advice for victims, and assessing and managing the stalker. Includes case studies. For clinicians and graduate students.

I Know You Really Love Me:
A Psychiatrist's Account of Stalking
and Obsessive Love

 Doreen R. Orion

In September 1989, Doreen Orion was just beginning her psychiatric practice when one of her female patients developed an erotomanic obsession with her. Over the next eight years, this patient skulked outside of Orion's house and at her workplace, leaving bizarre messages, watching her, and making her unwelcome presence known in virtually every aspect of her life. In I Know You Really Love Me, Orion recounts her legal and emotional struggles as she tried to take control of the situation. As a psychiatrist, Orion has fascinating insights into the condition that causes some people to obsess inappropriately over others. She also describes compellingly the feelings of helplessness and fear that stalking causes its victims--but always with the compassion and understanding of someone who works with the mentally ill. Her unique perspective as both a victim and a professional makes I Know You Really Love Me not just a blow-by-blow account of a stalking, but a practical guide to understanding, avoiding, and discouraging stalkers. --Lisa Higgins 

Breaking the Silence on the Crime of Stalking in America

by Melita Schaum and Karen Parrish

For thousands of women, and a smaller but equally victimized number of men, stalking is a potentially deadly reality -- while the options to counter the crime have been limiting and confusing. Stalkers harass celebrities, politicians, and ordinary citizens - no one is exempt. Now, for the first time, here is a comprehensive resource that gives everyone practical strategies to take action against this crime.

Stalking: A Handbook for Victims
by Emily Spence-Diehl

When one has been the victim of stalking there are special needs to be met. If a stalker has begun to rob you of your sense of control over life, you may be overwhelmed and unsure of where to turn next. When arrived with resources, choices, safety tips, and stalker information you will be able to turn the tide against the stalker and regain some power over your life. The book presents options not directions. It is a handbook not an instruction manual. There is no "one size fits all" approach to stalking intervention. Thus, options and resources are provided. Stalking laws across the nation are less than a decade old. Victims already know that most communities are not prepared to deal with the ongoing and unpredictable nature of stalking. It is critical to know the full range of your rights and options.

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